A hand crimping tool is a manual device used to crimp wire, cable, and other ductile materials. These pliers-like tools are also known as crimping pliers, hand crimping tools, and crimpers.

Crimping is a common method of crimping a terminal to a wire by applying pressure to two or more pieces of metal to deform them. It forces them to clamp against each other, thereby connecting them without the use of soldering. When done correctly, crimps create a mechanically sound connection that is resistant to corrosion, gases, and liquids.

IGEELY offers a variety of hand crimping tools for crimping different terminals. It has the perfect handle holding position, plus a lightweight and reasonable structure and an ergonomic handle shape design to ensure the perfect crimping effect.

hand crimping tool

Simple 3 steps for crimp

To master the perfect crimp, in addition to relying on the product’s perfect design, we need three simple steps. They mainly include preparation, crimping, and inspection.

Preparation phase

The preparation phase starts with stripping the wires with a suitable wire stripper. Also, check with the terminal manufacturer for terminal strip lengths. After stripping the outer jacket, make sure the strands are not cut or scratched. Otherwise, the current-carrying capacity of the conductors will be reduced and the service life of the connection will be shortened.


The main benefit of crimping is that it eliminates the need for solder wire, reducing installation crimp time. This time reduction is important in today’s market where time is of the essence and fewer technicians are needed to maintain more and more equipment. Additionally, solder joints are brittle and prone to failure under constant vibration, which is to be expected in harsh environments.

To ensure your crimp goes smoothly, use the correct tool. You might be tempted to grab whatever tool you have within your reach, but each manufacturer designs its terminals to be crimped with a specific set of tools. Using the wrong tool can result in a crimp that does not meet specified specifications and exposes you to potential failure.


Finally, check the crimp. First visually inspect the curl with a magnifying glass for any obvious defects. Next, use a crimp micrometer to measure the crimp height and width. Measure the crimp height of the wire barrel center and the insulation barrel center crimp terminal to confirm that the crimp is within the range specified by the manufacturer. This measurement of terminated wire height in the crimp area is a good quality control method because it is non-destructive.

hand crimping tool

Follow the steps above and you’ll have a perfect crimp. So that your work can be done more quickly and efficiently.

IGEELY is a professional, reliable, and safe brand. Our main goal is to provide high-quality service and customer satisfaction through our strict internal rules.

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