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Interior designers, architects, interior decorators, and trend watchers have weighed in on the top 2022 interior design and decoration trends for homes across the US.

Bedsure highlights the 2022 trends that will benefit those who love and live in -or even, work at -home.

We have paired reputable interior decorator and designer insights with living room, bedroom, and WFH textiles, because we want to make it easy for our customers to get cozy, anywhere.

Bedsure home textiles can help these creatives turn trend concepts into concrete reality.

Nature-inspired design – 8-Piece Turkish Bath Towel Set  

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With COVID-19 variants still causing disruption to many businesses, many top publications have cited the focus on “bringing nature inside” for 2022. This reflects a home desire to enjoy the benefits-colors, textures, layers, images, and feelings of the natural world -and to integrate them within the home.

This movement towards biophilic design bringing the outdoors into the home with materials, colors, images, textures, and even plants, is a key design trend of 2022.

As noted by Philip Ash, Founder of Pro Paint Corner, in The Spruce:

[In] 2022, [we] will see more residential designs sticking to these classics […] Think gray, beige, white, and brown with warm or rich undertones as wall paint colors. Natural earth colors are also trending as people desire for Zen-like feeling at home, so we’ll see more green shades.

Many of Bedsure’s home textiles feature-rich earthy tones, including the 8-Piece Turkish Bath Towel Set and the Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set.

Made with soft-textured 100% cotton, the 8-Piece Turkish Bath Towel Set is available in nature-inspired colors like sandy taupe, clay-like gray, and calming aqua blue.

These nature-inspired colors can easily blend with other interior decorations in a master bathroom, guest, or children’s bath.

With 8 pieces to the set, including 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 4 washcloths to fill bathroom spaces, the natural colors help to bring the connection with nature – through “color, textures, and patterns” into the home, and with it, cozy comfort.

Teal thin striped boho

Minimalism / Japandi – Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set (upcoming)

Minimalism has emerged as a healthier alternative to excessive extravagance and indulgence. It has become popular during the pandemic, when many people have been reflecting and re-evaluating their lives and priorities.

“[Prioritizing] the important, functional and high designed pieces”, said Mimi Meacham in HGTV, “is the best way to feel freer and in control at the same.”

Minimalism elevates simplicity, purpose, and tranquility – free from distractions, so only the essential elements are presented.

Japandi combines the minimalism of Japanese design with the warmth of the Scandinavian design.

“This is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix for interior design […] It is very minimalist… It brings a lot of natural elements into a space with [a] muted palette, natural light, plants, and clean simple lines.”

Several of Bedsure’s products have a minimalistic design, making them suitable for designers, decorators, and homemakers who want a Minimalist or Japandi style at home.

Bedsure’s Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set will be available in a single hue, warming olive green, cooling navy blue, and clean white.

One of Bedsure’s new, spring season products, the duvet cover set has been pre-washed and imported from India and Bangladesh, places that are popular cotton producers.

The new set features a lightweight and smooth washed cotton with a natural, slightly wrinkled effect. Fine and sturdy lock stitches create clean lines.

Durable and smooth plastic buttons help unite the design and pull it all together. 4 side sides plus 4 corner ties create symmetry and provide functionality, keeping a duvet inside in place.

Our new home textile products will be released in the US in 2022. The upcoming Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Set and Quilt Set with Geometric Patchwork are expected to be released in April, and the Lyocell Sheet Set is expected to be launched in July.

Watch this website and our Amazon store to catch the latest new cozy home products from Bedsure.

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