The instant chestnut is delicious and has high nutritional value. It is a good gift for relatives and friends, and is a good product for beauty and beauty. Now the Guangxi chestnut and the shellless instant chestnut are particularly famous, and are widely favored at home and abroad.

Mainly exported to Southeast Asia, such as Japan, South Korea and so on. A high-end chestnut packaging bag will better improve the product image, expand the product sales scale and obtain more profits.

Gozen Packaging Co., Ltd. focuses on the plastic flexible packaging industry, and is committed to the manufacture of high-end packaging. The chestnut aluminum foil packaging bags produced are of high price, excellent quality and exquisite printing. It meets the needs of the current chestnut sales marke



Now the retort packaging bag is described in detail as follows:

  1. Packing type: A. Vacuum bag, B. Three-side seal, C. Four-side seal, D. Pillow bag
  2. Content items: cooking package, chestnut packaging, hot pot base, stewed meat products, prepared dishes, etc.
  3. Material: ①PA+RCPP; ②PA+AL+LDPE; ③PET+PA+RCPP; ④PET+AL+PA+RCPP; ⑤customized as required
  4. Printing process: gravure printing
  5. Printing ink: benzene-free and ketone-free ink
  6. Features: moisture-proof, light-proof, puncture-resistant, cooking-resistant (135 degrees), high barrier, exquisite printing, good shelf display effect
  7. Minimum order quantity: according to the customer’s actual product specifications











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