1. The artificial turf football field has strong anti-friction performance, good anti-UV performance and stable structure.

2. The artificial turf football field adopts the “double interlocking” system or “seaming” laying, and the artificial turf has no traces of connection, and is stable and durable.

3. The boundary line is sewn directly on the artificial grass.

4. The elastic bottom layer strengthens the shock absorption capacity.

1. Increased service life.




2. Design idea of artificial turf football field:

Requirements for the foundation of the artificial turf football field: (the ground is flat and smooth, use a three-meter ruler in any direction, the error is not greater than ± 3mm, and the density is ≥ 90%), the debris can be cleaned and laid, the laying time is fast, and the maintenance Short time, good effect, shockproof and wear-resistant, its characteristics are as follows:

1. When the artificial turf football field is laid, the boundary line is directly sewn on the grass surface, and there is no trace at the joint, which is stable and durable.

2. The artificial turf football field is paved with anti-wear ability, soft and comfortable, and can achieve the ideal effect whether it is pushing, hitting or passing the ball. At the same time, users are allowed to wear official game spikes.

3. The artificial turf football field has two-color grass, which has a high degree of simulation and looks like a natural turf after completion.

4. The artificial turf football field is equipped with an elastic particle layer to strengthen the shock absorption capacity, which provides the best safety protection for the players, and it is not easy to cause injuries even in strong competitions, such as tackles and billiards.

5. After the artificial turf football field is laid, it will not fade, moisture-proof, microbial growth and ultraviolet rays.

2. The artificial turf football field does not require maintenance costs, has a long service life, is not affected by the weather, can be used for an unlimited number of times, and has no concerns about closing the field for maintenance. The design structure is in accordance with international norms, such as rebound force, friction force, etc.



In conclusion, cutting is a vital step for installing artificial grass. Please check this article and follow the guideline carefully before cutting. It is necessary to be patient and precious during the process you cut artificial grass and the results will make your work and design stand out all the more.

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