In a remarkable exchange of technology and media, reporters from the Indonesian, Burmese, Turkish, Pushtu, and Filipino languages departments of China Media Group’s Asia-Africa Languages Programming Center recently visited Scantech to explore the latest advancements in 3D scanning technology. The visit, held at Scantech’s headquarters, showcased cutting-edge 3D scanning devices including the smart handheld 3D scanner SIMSCAN, wireless 3D measurement system NimbleTrack, optical 3D measurement system TrackScan-Sharp, the 3D color scanner iReal, and the automated 3D measurement system AM-CELL C.


Technological Demonstration

During the visit, Scantech’s technicians provided an in-depth demonstration of innovative portable 3D scanners and automated measurement systems. The SIMSCAN smart handheld 3D scanner, renowned for its compact size, portability and high-precision scanning capabilities, was a focal point of interest. This handheld 3D scanner is celebrated for its ability to capture intricate details and geometries, making it ideal for a variety of industrial applications, from quality control to product design.

In addition, the 3D color scanner iReal captivated the visitors with its ability to capture high-resolution color data. The iReal is particularly adept at human body scanning, an application that has vast potential in fields such as medical imaging, virtual reality, and animation. The reporters had the opportunity to experience human body 3D scanning with the iReal, witnessing how accurately and vividly the 3D scanner could reproduce intricate details.

TrackScan-Sharp optical 3D measurement system offers unparalleled capabilities in capturing and analyzing 3D data without sticking targets in a large measurement volume of 49 m3. Powered by advanced optics and state-of-the-art software algorithms, TrackScan-Sharp stands out as a formidable tool for industries demanding precise dimensional analysis and quality control.

The NimbleTrack wireless 3D scanning system, with its compact and agile design, redefines precise 3D measurements for small-to-medium-sized parts. Equipped with powerful on-board chips and a built-in battery power supply, both the 3D scanner and optical tracker operate wirelessly, providing true freedom.

The automated 3D measurement system AM-CELL C was another highlight of the visit. This system integrates robotics with advanced 3D scanning technology to provide automated, high-precision measurements, making it a game-changer for industries requiring rigorous quality assurance processes.

Reporters’ Social Media Engagement

Impressions and Feedback

The visit left a lasting impression on the reporters, who expressed their amazement at the precision and versatility of Scantech’s products.

Indonesian Reporter

Liu Tianhui from Indonesian language department remarked that the level of detail captured by the SIMSCAN was extraordinary. She noted how remarkable it was to see such a small 3D scanner capable of scanning both mechanical parts and objects ranging in size from a plane to a small coin.

The reporter was highly impressed with the TrackScan-Sharp. She noted that even when the distance between the car cap and the tracker reached 6 meters, the computer screen still can display the 3D car cap data directly and accurately. She also highlighted how smooth the scanning process was and appreciated that the inspection reports could be generated immediately.

Burmese Reporter

Burmese reporter Zhang Xiaoning explored the potential applications of the 3D scanner, stating that the iReal scanner’s ability to capture vivid color data in 3D opened up many possibilities in fields like healthcare, and experiencing it firsthand had been truly enlightening.

Turkish Reporter

The Turkish reporter expressed her admiration for the 3D scanner technology, noting that it created a model of her in just two minutes. She highlighted its significant impact on the health field, mentioning that doctors use it to help prepare operation plans. Additionally, she pointed out its potential applications in education and art, emphasizing its versatility and usefulness across various fields.

Pushtu Reporter

The Pushtu reporter released a video titled Extensive Applications of 3D Scanners, in which she introduced the wide-ranging uses of Scantech’s 3D scanners. The reporter emphasized how these scanners are extensively applied in various fields such as industry, medicine, and cultural heritage restoration. She emphasized the significant role of this technology in advancing economic development by leveraging its innovative capabilities.

CRI Filipino Service

The CRI Filipino Service’s video highlighted Scantech’s innovative research and extensive applications in various fields, including automotive manufacturing and cultural heritage preservation. The video showed that Scantech provides comprehensive solutions worldwide, showcasing the company’s global reach and commitment to advancing technology across different industries.

This visit marks the beginning of a promising relationship between Scantech and the media professionals from Asia-Africa Languages Programming Center. The exchange of knowledge and experiences is expected to foster greater awareness and appreciation of advanced 3D scanning technology among broader audiences. By showcasing these technologies through the eyes of media influencers, Scantech aims to inspire future collaborations and innovations that will drive the industry forward.

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