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The introduction to the Gozen facial mask foiling packaging bags

Usually, facial mask products contain lots of water and liquids. And some have oily ingredients included. Of course, attractive fragrance is essential as well. In this case, it is obvious that we need to keep the masks moisturizing, full of aroma, and oily ingredients stable inside the mask packaging.

With all the above requirements to meet, here we are glad to introduce you the aluminum foil flexible packaging bag and pouches from gozenpackaging.com.

Gozen Packaging-made foil mask bags are perfect for your cosmetic mask products.

Here below please have the reasons:

First, we use aluminum material inside our mask packaging bags.

Aluminum is a silver-white light extensible metal. Aluminum foil is often made into columns, rods, sheets, foils, powders, filaments, and irregular shapes. In humid air, it can produce a layer of the oxide film to avoid metal corrosion.

Secondly, our aluminum foil + PE laminated mask packaging bag is extremely:

  • chemically stable
  • non-toxic
  • Tasteless
  • high barrier properties
  • high shading properties
  • high moisture resistance
  • high oil resistance
  • high softness
  • Can be refrigerated at low temperature. More effective inhibition of bacterial breed.

facial mask packaging

The stable chemical properties of the aluminum foil mask bag can preserve the essence of the mask to the maximum. Abundant nutrients in the mask are well kept and later well absorbed by the human skin when our end-users use them.

Your masks quality and user experience are thereby kept and protected by our bags.

At the same time, since aluminum foil packaging bags are generally laminated packaging bags, which means that other materials, such as kraft paper, a plastic film in matte, in gloss, in soft-touch can all be composited on the basis of aluminum foil materials. In other words, the surface texture can be varied and looks great.

Isn’t the aluminum foil packaging bags best for the masks?

GOZEN PACKAGING also provides the production of aluminum foil composite packaging bags with customized printing designs and specific shapes for your customers according to your needs, so that your mask products can visually attract the attention of customers, thereby increasing your sales of mask products.

You are welcome to contact us for more details regarding the cosmetic facial mask packaging via [email protected] or Whatsapp +86 18571566509


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