Accompanied by the breeze and enjoying the singing of birds, the soothing and pleasant pastoral beauty is inseparable from the creation of characteristic landscapes. As for the courtyard renovation of country houses or leisure farms, one courtyard, one scene and one road can create a different landscape effect, such as the creative design of these three outdoor terraces.


  1. Integrate the terrace with the flagstone sidewalk


With its many advantages such as firmness, durability, and flatness, the stone road can often easily create a unique rural flavor. In the process of courtyard renovation, if an additional stone path is set up to integrate the terrace with the stone sidewalk, it will not only save renovation costs, but also expand the activity area of the courtyard.

Note: The size of the stone sidewalk and the outdoor leisure terrace should be appropriate, especially the size of the outdoor dining table and surrounding activities should be fully considered.


  1. Integrate the terrace with the planting bed


Umbrellas of different heights, rustic wooden gazebos, and wrought iron furniture create a stylish and neat outdoor terrace landscape, and then add suitable planting beds next to it, and lush flowers and plants soften the hard landscape of the terrace landscape The lines are beautiful, and it creates a leisurely and natural pastoral landscape.



  1. Reasonably divide the terrace


For larger terraces, the planting bed differentiation area can be designed, which can not only highlight the focus of the landscape, but also avoid the courtyard from being too flat. The blackberry shrubs and ornamental grasses shown in the picture below not only coordinate with the surrounding vegetation, but also reasonably divide the surrounding areas, with unique and individual shapes.


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