Accompanied by the breeze and enjoying the singing of birds, the soothing and pleasant pastoral beauty is inseparable from the creation of characteristic landscapes. For the courtyard renovation of country houses or leisure farms, one yard, one scene and one road can create a different landscape effect, such as the creative design of these four outdoor terraces.


  1. Integrate the terrace with lighting


In terrace lighting, different lighting combinations present different landscape effects. for example:


1) Combination of “point light source + light strip”


The light strip is responsible for the overall lighting, and can also outline the outline of the terrace. The undulating walls form a vertical sense of hierarchy through the light strip; Create a full-bodied romantic atmosphere.



2) Combination of “point light sources” with different heights


The “point light source” can form lighting at different heights, which brings out the “vertical depth” of the terrace, which is neat and clear, and also like a dreamlike starry sky in the night sky.



  1. Mix the patio with Zen


The Zen courtyard is one of the most popular design styles in the world. This design originated from the Japanese garden landscape. The quiet and concise landscape presented makes people return to tranquility and helps meditation. The design process of the Zen courtyard is the Zen expression of the landscape and the integration of the terrace (courtyard) and Zen.



  1. Incorporate patios with gravel


This is a low-maintenance patio (courtyard) landscape that uses gravel and sand to create a semi-desert style that allows for recreational functions without being time-consuming to maintain.

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