Do you know the technical principles of vacuum bags? Vacuum bag is a kind of packaging bag that we generally see in the market, and this kind of packaging bag is generally used in food, especially meat, instant food, and frozen food. Why is it more popular, and why are many items used for packaging? Vacuum bags have many advantages. Whether you shop online or in supermarkets, you will often see them. Why do many manufacturers choose this kind of popular packaging bag? Let’s follow the editor of the vacuum bag manufacturer “Shanghai Yuhe Packaging Products Co., Ltd.” to bring you in to find out.

The main technical principle of the vacuum bag is to prevent the microorganisms of the items from growing and multiplying in the bag, and the technology inside is also adopted in a vacuum method, which is to prevent the items and food in the bag from oxidizing, that is, to prevent it from being damaged or rotted. , because generally speaking, food with more oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. When exposed to the air for a long time, food oxidation will occur, that is, rot and odor, so that the product does not have a shelf life, and there is no external sales. Sufficient time is guaranteed, so a vacuum bag will be used for packaging.

The vacuum bag can effectively protect and protect the items in the bag from being disturbed by the air, avoid the relationship between the items in the bag and the air, and effectively suppress the bag. The shelf life of the bag is not only that, but also has many characteristics, which can maintain the color, aroma, and flavor of the food in the bag to a certain extent, the nutrition is not lost, and its original nutritional value is retained.


The above is part of the technical principle of the vacuum bag, and this is only a part of the characteristics of the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag has many characteristics, whether it is for food or other items, it has great advantages. When using the vacuum bag, of course, the main thing is It depends on what items you pack and how you use them later. For some items, vacuum bags are not suitable for use. For some items, vacuum bags are tailor-made for them, depending on the item. decided.

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