Global warming is the result of changes in the earth’s climate caused by human activities. “Carbon” refers to oil, coal, wood and other natural resources composed of carbon elements. “Carbon” is consumed more, and “carbon dioxide”, the culprit of global warming, is also produced more. With human activities, global warming is also affecting people’s way of life, bringing more and more environmental problems.


With the popularization and application of artificial turf products in the world, nowadays, more than 300 million square meters of turf are used in sports, gardens, decoration, municipal construction and other fields every year, and more than 30 million square meters of artificial turf need to be treated, and this number is still rising. The disposal of waste artificial turf has become a major issue in the industry. ECO is a collection of Ecology (ecology), Conservation (energy saving) and Optimization (optimization). The ccgrass R&D team took ecology, environmental protection and economy as the basic concepts of design and development at the beginning of the design.


As a leader in healthy artificial turf, ccgrass always regards benefiting the society as its own responsibility, actively follows the international concept of green development, responds to green development policies, and through green design, green investment, green construction, green production, green circulation, green life, and green consumption, makes development based on efficient use of resources, strict protection of the ecological environment, effective control of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of recyclability of artificial turf products, reduction of social resource consumption, and realization of corporate image and social responsibility.


After years of joint research with strategic partners in the United States, we have successfully developed a new ECO environmental-friendly artificial grass series. Using a unique latex formula, it is light in weight, soft at the bottom, easy to load, unload and construct. The key is that it can be 100% recycled after the end of its service life.




  1. Unique environmental protection material and formula


ECO artificial turf adopts a unique patented latex design, which effectively avoids the damage of forest green vegetation and dust environmental hazards caused by quarrying. Every 10,000 square meters of ECO artificial turf products can save a tree. The successful development of ECO materials provides a perfect solution for the follow-up treatment of artificial turf courts after use. Materials that cannot be classified and recycled can only be buried or incinerated to occupy land resources and bring environmental hazards. The advent of ECO artificial turf not only solves the previous chronic diseases, but also provides resource reuse, which contributes to reducing carbon emissions, achieving carbon neutrality, and sustainable development of society.


  1. Reduce the consumption of natural gas


The use of carbon per square meter is reduced by 0.06g on the material. The porous micro-foaming technology used in the production process can effectively improve the dryness of the back of the lawn by 20%, reduce the use of natural gas by 10%, reduce the use of non-renewable energy, and contribute to the maintenance of sustainable social development.



  1. It is more convenient to install and use


Compared with the traditional SBR adhesive artificial turf, ECO artificial turf, because of its unique adhesive technology, the flexibility of the base fabric is better, the weight of the bottom is lighter, the loading and unloading and construction are more convenient, and its unique transparent white design will not produce black debris during construction and cutting, which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly;


CCGrass artificial turf systems are designed to meet the requirements of full-size football pitches, training centers, and mini-football fields. Our systems are tough and durable, able to withstand intense use. Thanks to our innovative design, our systems provide a top-quality playing surface. If you have questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.



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