The “Skynet System”, composed of GIS maps, image collection, transmission, control, display and other equipment and control software, provides strong support for social security and urban management through real-time monitoring and information recording of fixed areas.


With the continuous innovation and upgrading of technology, Skynet technology has gradually expanded nationwide and achieved full coverage in various cities and villages, including but not limited to traffic management, urban security, environmental monitoring and other fields, which can meet different monitoring needs. and management needs. The intelligent monitoring system that can be seen everywhere is an indispensable part of the “Skynet System” and has achieved rapid growth along with smart construction.



  1. Keywords for power supplyindicators: reliable, efficient and widely applicable


Since intelligent monitoring systems are used in many different outdoor scenarios and the application conditions are complex, they usually encounter the following difficulties:


  1. The system has real-time requirements and needs to maintain long-term operation. The power module requires long-term stable operation and high reliability;


  1. The system requires good EMC performance to prevent data transmission from being interfered with;


  1. The application environment of the intelligent monitoring system requires a wide operating temperature range;


  1. Security cameras are spread all over the country and need to be used in high-altitude areas to ensure the stability of the power supply voltage.


Therefore, the security camera pan/tilt has high requirements on its components, especially the efficiency, reliability, and EMC performance of the internal conversion power supply.


Facing the diverse demands on the market, WEHO 1000W high-power chassis switching power supply LMF series takes advantage of 7 major reliability assurance platforms, independent circuit technology and other advantages to have high reliability, high efficiency, complete protection functions, and ultra-small size. advantages to provide the market with better choices.



① High reliability and complete certifications


WEHO case switching power supply LMF1000 series has high reliability and meets the long-term use requirements of the equipment:


  1. The product has an isolation voltage of 4000VAC and is designed to meet safety standards such as IEC/UL/EN62368, GB4943, IEC/ES/EN60601;


  1. Vibration resistance, 10 to 500Hz, 5g 10 minutes/cycle, X, Y, Z axis 60 minutes each;


  1. 5-year warranty and long life;


  1. Complete protection functions such as short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature;


  1. Supports 3+1 parallel redundancy and current sharing to meet customer system redundancy design requirements.




② High efficiency, high transient overpower, excellent EMC performance


The back end of the security camera PTZ power supply is connected to a DC motor, which requires high transient overpower capability. WEHO’s case switching power supply LMF1000 series has 1.8 times the peak power, which can effectively cope with it. At the same time, the efficiency can reach 94%, and the bare metal meets EMI Class B.



③ Wide applicability


WEHO case switching power supply LMF1000 series has a wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃, which can meet the application of 5000m altitude and can be applied to all parts of the country.


WEHO chassis switching power supply LMF1000 series products have excellent performance and meet the mainstream needs of the industry. The following figure is a comparison of detailed parameters with other brand products.



  1. Typical application solutions of security camera PTZ system



In the security camera PTZ system, the equipment is used in outdoor environments where there are power grid fluctuations, large temperature differences between day and night, and potential for electromagnetic interference. The power output is 48V and the back-end drives the DC motor.


The WEHO chassis switching power supply LMF1000 series not only ensures reliability requirements, but also takes into account the advantages of high transient overpower, wide range input voltage, excellent EMC performance, etc., and can match products suitable for the power segment according to actual conditions to meet market demand.




With the development of urbanization, security issues are a major concern for everyone. The smart security industry will continue to develop rapidly. At the same time, power supply solutions will undoubtedly become the supporting industry that needs to be followed up first. In this regard, WEHO has a rich product line. It can be used in different scenarios to meet various needs, and has a strong R&D team and technical support team to provide one-stop power solutions.

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