In various fields such as industry, agriculture, commerce and households, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. As a common power supply equipment, generators are also widely used. Among them, diesel generators, as a reliable, stable and efficient power generation equipment, have been paid more and more attention to and used by more and more people. The starting method of the diesel generator also affects its efficiency and safety, so it is very important to understand the starting method of the diesel generator.


  1. Electric start


Electric starting refers to turning the crankshaft of the generator through an electromagnetic starter or a starter motor to achieve the purpose of starting the generator. This starting method is relatively simple, just press the button to start, and the engine can start quickly. However, electric starting requires the support of an external power supply. If the power supply is unstable or fails, it will affect the electric starting. Therefore, it is recommended to use other starting methods when there is no stable power supply.


  1. Gas start


Air start refers to the use of an external air source to send air or gas into the engine, and the crankshaft is driven by the air pressure to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of starting the generator. Pneumatic start can be completely independent of external power supply, suitable for some special working environments or occasions. However, gas starting requires a dedicated gas source device. Compared with electric starting, gas starting requires more cost expenditure.


  1. Manual start


Hand cranking needs to be done manually, which is a simple way to start. The user only needs to use the hand crank to rotate the crankshaft to drive the generator to start. Manual start can not be interfered by external power supply and air source, and is suitable for power generation in emergency or special environments, but the efficiency of starting the engine in this way is relatively low and requires a certain amount of manpower.



  1. Battery start


Battery start refers to using the battery that comes with the engine to start. The user only needs to press a button on the engine control panel to start the engine with the electric energy of the battery. Battery starting has wide applicability, is easy to use, and is not limited by external air sources or power sources, but the power of the battery needs to be maintained. If the battery power is insufficient, it may affect the starting of the generator.




The above are the four starting methods of diesel generators. Different starting methods have differences in efficiency, safety, cost and other aspects. Users should choose the starting method that suits their own needs and actual conditions when choosing, so as to achieve the best power generation effect.

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