Before purchasing a diesel generator set, users will consult the fuel consumption of the generator set in order to know the cost of its fuel consumption. However, most users of diesel generator sets do not know how to calculate the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption of diesel generators is related to the following two factors:


  1. Fuel consumption rate

Different brands of diesel generator sets have different fuel consumption rates and different fuel consumption.

Second, the size of the electrical load

The greater the load, the greater the throttle, the greater the fuel consumption, and the smaller the load, the smaller the relative fuel consumption.

In order to facilitate you to understand the approximate fuel consumption of the generator set and calculate the use cost of the generator set, we list the approximate estimated fuel consumption (30kW-500kW) of the generator set at full load as follows for your reference.

30kW fuel consumption = 6.3 kilograms (kg) = 7.8 liters (L)

45kW fuel consumption = 9.45 kilograms (kg) = 11.84 liters (L)

50kW fuel consumption = 10.5 kilograms (kg) = 13.1 liters (L)

75kW fuel consumption = 15.7 kilograms (kg) = 19.7 liters (L)

100kW fuel consumption = 21 kilograms (kg) = 26.25 liters (L)

150kW fuel consumption = 31.5 kilograms (kg) = 39.4 liters (L)

200kW fuel consumption = 40 kilograms (kg) = 50 liters (L)

250kW fuel consumption = 52.5 kilograms (kg) = 65.6 liters (L)

300kW fuel consumption = 63 kilograms (kg) = 78.75 liters (L)

350kW fuel consumption = 73.5 kilograms (kg) = 91.8 liters (L)

400kW fuel consumption = 84.0 kilograms (kg) = 105 liters (L)

450kW fuel consumption = 94.5 kilograms (kg) = 118 liters (L)

500kW fuel consumption = 105 kilograms (kg) = 131.2 liters (L)

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