Operator Control Panels are included with all diesel generator sets. Engine functions are interfaced with generator functions, allowing for the engine and generator to be controlled by a single component.

Operator Control Panels provide the user with easy to view information and accessible generator set controls and alarm and monitoring. Many suppliers also offer options to panels such as AC metering and alphanumeric displays.

There are many components available for generator setup and configuration. Systems can be basic, such as residential backup configurations, or complex, to include remote monitoring and networking. Below is an example of a basic system’s components:

Generator Set -Comprised of engine and generator and houses operator control panel.

Operator Control Panel-Communicates with automatic transfer switch (for starting signal). Controls start, run and monitor activities for engine and generator.

Automatic Transfer Switch-Monitors power at switch panel. When a significant drop or loss of power occurs, the automatic transfer switch signals the operator control panel on the generator set to start the engine.

Switch Panels-Distribute power to various circuits.

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