At present, the communication industry is facing problems such as the lack of advanced products and technologies, and the cost has increased sharply, resulting in products that are even less competitive. The localization of key components has become one of the effective ways for communication companies to gain more initiative, and weho has its own assistance plan for this.

Weho’s power supply solutions in the communication industry can be divided into one, two, and three levels of power supply according to the input front-end to the back-end. They are 15-1500W chassis switching power supply, 3-1300W isolated DC/DC power supply, 6-60A domestic non-isolated POL power supply K12MT and K12DT series. The following will combine the common infrastructure applications in the communication industry to demonstrate the high-energy adaptation of weho power supplies in the communication industry.

(1) Secondary power supply VCB/VCF series——base station BBU application

BBU generally refers to the indoor baseband processing unit. One BBU can support multiple RRUs. Using the BBU+RRU multi-channel solution can well solve the indoor coverage of large venues.


The power supply solution for this application will use a high-power DC/DC brick power supply. The 48VDC input is followed by an RF transceiver system, digital system, etc., which are particularly sensitive to the performance indicators such as power supply loading efficiency, ripple noise, power density, and delivery date. .


Weho’s economical brick power supply VCB/VCF series adopts frequency conversion and active clamping technology, which can effectively improve the conversion efficiency of the power supply under various loads, at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% four load points Average efficiency >90%. Taking the 1/4 brick power supply as an example, the efficiency of 25% light load is as high as 94% (the market solution is mostly 90%), the efficiency of 50% half load is as high as 95%, and the efficiency of 100% full load is as high as 95%.



(2) Three-level power supply POL power supply – WDM bearer network application


The bearer network between the access network and the switch can be used to transmit various voice and data services. Its mainstream power supply solution: CRPS/LOF power supply + VCB series + POL power supply (3~60A, 0.6~5.5Vdc, 40A and above PM-BUS function).

Weho pol power supply K12MT and K12DT series have strong advantages, including extended input voltage range of 4.5-14VDC, low output adjustable voltage of 0.7-5.5V, current layout meeting 3~120A; ripple/dynamic (external capacitor can meet 1%/3 %); meet the digital core function and snapshot function, etc.



(3) Level 1 Power Supply LOF Series——Optical Communication Application


In addition to the above-mentioned DC/DC brick power supply and POL power supply, weho also has its own AC/DC power supply solution for the front-end primary power supply: 15-1500W chassis switching power supply and 120-750W high power density AC/DC power supply. The former has the advantages of ultra-low standby power consumption, ultra-high efficiency, 5000m altitude application and high isolation voltage of 4000VAC, which is very suitable for the communication field. The latter is characterized by small size, high power density, and high loading efficiency. It can be highly adapted to some requirements for the height and volume of the chassis and the need to provide high-power output.




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