Haitan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. actively responds to the call of the higher-level party committee and government to adjust the industrial structure and accelerate the development of the manufacturing industry, and actively promote the production method of replacing people with machines. In 2020, on the basis of the original processing equipment, a number of horizontal hydraulic presses and full-automatic burr machines have been installed to realize mechanization in the links of production and reprocessing, basically reducing the number of manual processes and intelligent production.Horizontal Hydraulic Press Boosts

Compared with other vertical hydraulic presses on the market, the advantages of horizontal hydraulic presses are reflected in efficiency, safety and quality. Especially the advantages in quality are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the horizontal hydraulic press is accurate and repeatable. Good performance, reducing the weight fluctuation of BMC manual feeding; second, fully automatic feeding, to ensure that the product is not short of material and high density; third, the feeding process is fully enclosed to avoid mixing of impurities.

Automatic burr machine

Automatic burr machine, fully automatic deburring, high-strength emery precision sandblasting, to ensure that the product burr is removed without damaging the main body of the product. Compared with the manual operation of other peers, it can ensure that the strength of deburring is the same every time, the reprocessing precision is high, the quality is good, the processing speed is fast, the function is diversified, the operation is simple, and the work stability is high. Improve work efficiency and greatly improve the labor intensity and working environment of operators.

Jinggong intelligent manufacturing originates from the persistence of quality, and carrying the future begins with continuous self-breakthrough.

Haitan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. will use brand-new technology and unremitting efforts to establish itself as a leading domestic electrical equipment manufacturer, and better contribute to mankind and society.

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