Today let’s talk about the meaning of non-degradable plastics: the key raw materials of non-degradable plastic bags are polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, which are often used to hold other items and are indispensable items in our daily life.


It is widely used because of its cheapness, light weight, large volume, and easy storage and arrangement. The degradation cycle of packaging bags is very long. Because of the uniqueness of its materials, it takes about two hundred years to degrade, or most of them are not degradable. Even if they degrade, they will cause agglomeration and damage to the soil layer.



Among them, the difference between degradable plastic bags and non-degradable plastic bags depends on?


  1. The materials are different. The application materials of degradable plastic bags (that is, environmentally friendly plastic bags) are PLA, PHAs, PBA, PBSand other fiber materials, while the non-degradable traditional packaging bags are made of PE plastic materials.


  1. Different product standards. Degradable plastic bags must meet the national industry standard GB/T21661-2008, and have reached the environmental protection level. The traditional non-degradable plastic bags do not need to follow this specification.


  1. The dissolution time is different. Degradable plastic bags can generally be decomposed within one year, while the Olympic environmental protection plastic bags can even gradually decompose within 72 days after being discarded. Non-degradable packaging bags must take 200 years to degrade.


It is urgent to protect the ecological environment!


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