Micro switches are mainly used for mechanical control, so the requirements for the type of switch actuators, stroke, and action force are stricter. So how do we choose the micro switch, today bituo elec will share with you.


One is that the action characteristics of the micro switch will change with the increase of the number of switches during the process of loading on and off. This change is called the stability of the action characteristics. Sometimes, although the mechanical components and the switch itself are not damaged, the control system has a control error, which is caused by the change of the action characteristic. When selecting a micro switch, the user should not only pay attention to the load, but also consider leaving a certain insurance factor for the action characteristics, or use a switch that compensates for the action characteristics by itself.


Second, the overtravel of the micro switch is designed to ensure reliable contact and prevent poor repetition accuracy of the action point. However, if the overtravel is too large, the deformation of the internal spring system will increase. With the increase of time and frequency of use, the stability of the action characteristics will deteriorate rapidly, and the life of the micro switch will be greatly shortened. Therefore, it is better to use 1/3 of the total length of the overtravel of the product when using the overtravel.

Micro Switch


Third, when the micro switch is in use, users cannot add other transmission mechanisms by themselves.


Fourth, the installation of the micro switch must be installed according to the size given in the product manual or standard. The mounting screws, bolts, shaft pins, etc. of the micro switch cannot be thinned or thickened. Thinning will cause shaking and affect the action characteristics, and thickening will damage the switch substrate due to hole expansion.


Fifth, the user should not install additional devices and modify the switch, otherwise it will affect the action characteristics of the micro switch.


Sixth, the soldering time of the soldered terminal should not exceed 3-8s, and the temperature should not exceed 260°C. Otherwise, the substrate will be burned due to overheating or the solder will penetrate into the switch, which will affect the insulation performance, contact performance and action characteristics and be scrapped. The flux cannot use corrosive zinc chloride, etc. The general specification based on micro switches is GJB 809A-1997 “General Specifications for Micro Switches”.



The above is all the content that bituo elec shared with you. Friends who need micro switches, solenoid valves, terminal blocks, indicator lights and other products are welcome to contact us.

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