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Artificial plants are durable and come in different colors and textures. Its great looks, convenience and durability make it ideal for low maintenance conditions. Quality fake plants are often chosen for decoration in homes, offices, commercial areas and during events, allowing their benefits to be enjoyed by numerous groups.

If you are a local artificial plant retailer or importer wondering where to wholesale the best quality faux plants, or how to choose the right artificial plant supplier, read on to learn more.

Determine your needs

The first step in selecting your right artificial plant supplier is to determine your needs. Once you have a list of needs, the next step is to research and develop a strategy. Follow these guidelines to find a suitable artificial plants supplier.

Verify the registration status

If a supplier or a factory follows the legal requirements in their region, they are likely to comply with the product standard requirements. Verify the registration status of the artificial plant company.

Market region of the artificial plant supplier

What is the artificial plant supplier’s market region? Does the supplier wholesale to your country? their market similar to your country or region in terms of quality requirements? If your answer is yes, then go for it.

artificial plant supplier

Providing samples

A reliable company or a factory will send you artificial plants samples before you order in bulk. This is called a pre-production sample. This helps you to:

  • Verify the quality of artificial plants.
  • Get a feel for how easy or difficult it is to work with the specific supplier.
  • Get a feel for their customer service.

Product warranty

Be sure to seek a warranty that includes UV stability, which will protect the artificial green wall from fading. It is an essential feature, especially in those artificial plants destined to be outside, where they might be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions.

The stronger the sunlight, the more destructive it is to faux plants and can significantly reduce the lifespan. Therefore, when wholesale fake plants,the most important thing is to take into account the guaranteed level of UV protection.

As one of the best artificial plant supplier in China, EdenVert is dedicated to supplying longer lasting artificial plants to our global partners. We are confident to provide 5 years warranty for outdoor use and even 8 years for indoor use. For more information about what we can do for you, contact us by Email: [email protected].

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