When looking for a WeHo power supply for LED lighting it is easy to get lost in the many different options available. First, it is a good idea to know the specific needs of your project. Often, power supplies are wrongly chosen for an LED project which leads to failure. In order to cut out, any issues use the quick checklist below when looking for an LED power Supply.

What to consider before selecting a power supply?

How will I connect my power supply?

A simple outlet plug or directly wiring into AC lines?

Will the power supply fit in the desired space?

Make sure to check the size of the unit to make sure you have room for it.

Can I use a power supply outdoors or in a damp area?

If you are unfamiliar with how LED power supplies operate and their specifications, the best place to start is at our first post in this series – LED Power Supplies 101.

When looking for both an LED driver and power supply brand to trust, look no further than WeHo. With a failure rate of less than .02% in 2016, WeHo has continued to make some of the most reliable power supplies in the world. After completing the checklist above and knowing what you are looking for, check out the options below!

WeHo SC series for Battery Charger power supply

The Smart Charger (SC) battery charger models provide plenty of different output versions for all kinds of batteries. Several optional features are also available to fulfill all customer needs.

SC is a “switch on and forgets” charger. SC ensures the best possible results in all conditions – even when one is using the charger from a badly adjusted AC power source.

With UPS function (need external batteries)

Suitable for security industry or battery backup systems


WeHo AD Series UPS Power Supply


AD Series UPS Power Supply all have the capability to charge batteries, whilst delivering power to the load at the same time. Should the AC power fail, then the power supply will supply the load from the charged batteries.

WeHo power supplies that incorporate this UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) functionality are referred to by WeHo as our  ‘security series’. To make it easier for you to find these power supplies on our website we prefer to call them AD Series UPS Power Supply.

With UPS function (need external batteries) for AD series

Suitable for security industry or battery backup systems

55W 155W

WeHo Trouble Shooting and Support

With a wide range of new products and variations, we expect that you will have more questions. As I said earlier, we have a full team of tech and sales associates that are well trained on WeHo products and would be happy to guide you to the one for your lighting setup. What’s even better is you can call, order, and it will be on the way to you all within a day. Let us be your helpful and speedy WeHo LED power

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