The photovoltaic power generation system is composed of solar cells, inverters, grid-connected boxes, and photovoltaic supports. The photovoltaic support is the “skeleton” supporting photovoltaic modules. It plays an important role in the construction of photovoltaic power stations.


  1. Photovoltaic Tracking: Improving the Economic Benefits of Photovoltaic Power Generation


Photovoltaic brackets can be divided into fixed brackets and tracking brackets according to whether they can follow the sun. In a photovoltaic power generation system, in order to maximize the economic benefits of photovoltaic power generation, a photovoltaic tracking system is usually used to drive photovoltaic panels, which consists of three parts: structural system (tracking bracket), driving system, control system (including communication control box, sensors, etc. ), which can make the photovoltaic panels follow the sun to rotate in real time throughout the day, so that the sunlight can directly shine on the photovoltaic array, which can not only increase the power generation, but also smooth the output curve. Typically, the performance of photovoltaic panel systems with solar trackers installed can be improved by 25% to 50%.



However, the power station using the photovoltaic tracking system also has its disadvantages: it needs to increase a certain amount of initial investment cost, and needs to bear a certain amount of device operation risk and later maintenance cost, and the quality requirements for equipment components are quite high.


  1. Domestic power supplyfor photovoltaic tracking system: multiple protections to meet transient overpower requirements


With the promotion of “new infrastructure” and the stimulation of overseas demand markets, the increase in new photovoltaic installed capacity in the future will continue to drive the market demand for photovoltaic tracking systems, so the improvement of technology is particularly important.


  1. Harsh outdoor environment: dust-proof, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, meeting the requirements of 5000m altitude
  2. Power supply transient overpower demand
  3. The small size of the power supply and the heat dissipation performance requirements of the body



Four. Summary


The optical storage industry is still speeding up its construction and development, and is in a rising period, so the improvement of technology is particularly important. Weho has a PV series of dedicated power supplies for the optical storage industry specially designed for photovoltaic power generation and high-voltage frequency conversion. The power range of the whole series has been expanded to 5-1000W, and the input voltage range is as wide as 80-1700VDC. It has a number of original patented technologies, which can be applied For the entire system equipment in the photovoltaic industry.


In response to the market demand in the development of the optical storage industry, weho responds quickly based on a complete power supply research and development platform, matches the application needs of the optical storage industry, and is committed to providing the industry and customers with the best quality power supply to promote the development of the industry further.

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