1. Clothes corners: Clothes corners are nothing more than round and square. If it is a top line, the distance between the line and the edge must be consistent inside and outside. Round edges should be rounded and smooth, while square edges should be 90 degrees.


2.Buttons and buttonholes: Of course, the two are best made by hand. The buttons should be consistent with the fabric. The buttonhole should not feel off-line. 90% of suits are relatively sloppy in the buttonhole process. In fact, this is the most important detail and the most easily overlooked by men.




  1. Length. It is best for the back of the suit jacket to just cover the buttocks, and the specific position should be two inches away from the hip line. If there are only two options: long and short, you would rather choose the longer one, as a short suit will look stingy.


  1. Suitable trousers. The lower part of the trousers should be appropriately loose so that you do not feel a sense of urgency when you are in a half-kneeling position. Of course, it should not be too loose; avoid unfitting openings in the pockets and pay attention to the hip tailoring to extend along the body shape.


  1. Collar + sleeves. The mostimportant thing about a suit is the “leader”. The collar should pay attention to its stiffness, the lines should be concise and clear, and it should be in one go. There should be no broken lines in the arc. The selection of armholes should be done by trying them on. The arms hang naturally on both sides. The sleeves should be smooth visually. Pay attention to the seams between the armholes and the jacket and should not be wrinkled. The wrists should be exactly in the middle of the sleeves and rest on the sleeves. Neither side is correct, and many suits are flawed at this point.




  1. Shoulders. Looking at the shoulders of a suit mainly depends on how it feels when worn. When you put on a suit top with shoulders smaller than yours, you will see horizontal wrinkles on the back of the suit in the mirror. If you find that the lower edge of the sleeves hangs to the biceps on the chest when you put it on, it means that the shoulder width is insufficient.


  1. Bag mouth technology. The craftsmanship of the inner and outer pockets must be very fine. First, the lines must be evenly routed. The corners must be at clean right angles. The width of both sides of the bag lip must be consistent, and the proportions of the lines must be reasonable.


  1. Slit. General suits are pressed with large plates instead of hand ironed when they leave the factory, while suits hanging in the store are generally ironed with steam. Of course, customized suits are ironed manually. After all, customization and batch processing There is still a difference in production. During ironing, if the thermal expansion coefficients of the lining and fabric are inconsistent, the slit at the back of the suit will feel hanging.


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