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Artificial green walls have gained significant popularity in luxury home design, business layouts, and decorations. Artificial green walls provide an excellent solution for bringing nature into urban areas and adding lush foliage to small patios and balconies where natural plants may be challenging to maintain.

Steps to make an artificial green wall

Creating a fake plant green wall allows you to showcase your decorative skills and create a one-of-a-kind focal point for your space. If you’re looking for a unique way to brighten up a room beyond standard wall art, keep reading to discover how to make an artificial living wall.

Choose a location

One of the greatest advantages of using a faux living wall as a decorative element is its versatility. A faux greenery wall looks stunning in any setting, whether it’s in your home, office, or event space, making it the perfect statement piece.

Gather accessories

Before starting to make a faux living wall, you need to prepare suitable tools and decoration materials. We recommend the following accessories for your artificial wall:

  • Tape Measure
  • Steel Wire Grid
  • Drill
  • Staple Gun
  • Plastic Ties
  • Scissors

Measure the space

After choosing a location for your artificial living wall project, it’s time to plan. Using a tape measure, measure the area. It will help you determine the exact dimensions of your artificial plant wall. It will also be a reference point when you start creating.

Calculate the quantity of panels

Once you’ve measured the area, you can determine the exact number of artificial green wall panels required and place an order accordingly. Alternatively, you can consult with our team of professionals to ensure that you order the correct quantity.

artificial green wall for office

Connect the panels with the easy-snap-to-lock system

After getting the size of area and the quantity of panels, the next step is to connect the panels together by using the easy-snap-to-lock system which comes with the products. Only few operation works will be needed to complete the connection between panels.

Connect all the panels together before fixing them on the wall. If your measurement area and the quantity of panels are different, you can make adjustments at this time.

Measure to define the fixed point for the steel wire gird

The brick or concrete wall is harder and difficult for staple nails. So it is necessary to fix the steel wire grid before installing the artificial wall panels. This step is to confirm the fixed points for the steel wire grid.

Fix the steel wire grid on the wall

Fix the grid board on the wall. The tool used is drill. It looks very complex, but it is actually a very simple step. Just pay attention to the safety. With the support of wire mesh, the panels can be more stably installed on the wall, and the fixation will be easier.

Fix the panels on the steel wire grid with plastic ties

Plastic ties need to be used in this step, because the artificial plant panel needs to be fixed to the wire mesh. The plastic tie is convenient and removable.

Trim the extra plastic ties to finish the installation

The final step is trimming. If there is extra length for the plastic ties, just use scissors to trim the extra length until they fit perfectly.

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