Instagram is no more a photo-sharing app. Instead, users are also uploading engaging stories and reels. As a result, Instagram is giving tough competition to TikTok.

Instagram engages 1.22 billion users per month. Majorly, users falling into the 18-34 year age group are using it.

Why should you update Instagram? You receive new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

You may enable auto-update for all apps on your iPhone. Thus, the Instagram app will update automatically. Don’t worry. You can also update the app manually.

May I know how do you update Instagram on your iPhone?

How to update Instagram on iPhone

How to Update Instagram on iPhone

You may update Instagram on iPhone using one of the methods given below-

Method 1 – Update the Instagram app

1. Launch the App Store.

2. Tap your profile picture in the top-right.

3. You can see all upcoming automatic updates on this page.

You may also long-press the App Store icon to get the updates.

Still using iOS 12 or earlier, you can see the Updates tabs on the bottom bar. You can tap this tab to see the pending updates.

4. Scroll down the list of apps. You’ll see the UPDATE button next to a particular app when the latest update is pending for it.

5. Tap the UPDATE button to update the app. The app will update shortly.

Steps to update Instagram on iPhone

If no update is available right now, you’ll see the Instagram app under the updated recently.

Method 2 – Update the Instagram app

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap the Search icon.

3. Search for the Instagram app.

4. You may see the UPDATE button if the update is available. You see the OPEN button if the update is not available.

5. Tap the UPDATE button to update the app. The app will update soon.

Steps to update Instagram app on iPhone

Still, you are not receiving updates for the Instagram app. It may be a technical issue. First, try to remove the app and reinstall it. It may help you to get the latest update. Otherwise, you can take professional help.

Method 3 – Reinstall the Instagram app

Hereunder are the steps on how to reinstall Instagram on iPhone?

1. Long press the Instagram icon.

2. You see the Remove App option.

3. Tap it, and you will delete the Instagram app.

Delete or remove Instagram app

4. Go to the App Store and search for Instagram.

5. Install the app and enjoy the latest version.

Why can’t I update Instagram on my iPhone?

However, you are not getting your luck. Check your phone to have sufficient space to update or reinstall the app. You may remove some unused apps to free up some space and update the Instagram app.

Final words

It was how do I update Instagram. It is easy to update Instagram on your iPhone. You can complete the steps mentioned above to update your app. Let me know if you have other ways to update Instagram and enjoy new features and performance improvements.

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