In the electrical control system control circuit, the button indicator light is the most commonly used cam controller operation and data signal monitoring element. In application, some wrong ideas often appear. The following is relevant information in this regard, let’s find out together.


Button indicator color selection criteria: Select the color based on the actual operation of the button (light press), or the indicator light access (glow) or reflect the news; only if the color cannot show the actual operation or operation, the necessary patterns or symbols can be added to or near the part .



How to accurately apply the color of the indicator light?


  1. The indicator light (also known as the signal indicator light) mainly instructs the operator to pay attention or instructs the operator to perform a certain actual operation, and serves as an indication that a certain situation or order has been implemented or enforced.



  1. Generally, red or light yellow lights are used for switching power supply indication and reclosing indication. The red signal indicator light is used for motor operation indication and common fault indication, and the green signal indicator light is used for termination indication. The white light is used to indicate the investment and operation of reactive power compensation capacitors. The yellow indicator light flashes for star-delta operation, and the red light flashes for delta operation.




How to accurately apply button color?


  1. Buttons are mainly used to execute or eliminate a certain command.


  1. The color applications and meanings required in the specification are as shown in the table below.


Use the button color book.


Throughout the application, if the “Start”, “Terminate” or “Plug in” and “Power Off” replacement taps are used, you cannot use red or green, but instead use black, white, or dark gray buttons; when starting or axing For physical fitness regulations, use black, white, dark gray or green buttons. It’s best to use gray and black buttons; for Calibration buttons, blue, black, white or dark gray buttons should all terminate together. When turning off the power, the red button should be used.

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