It should be no secret to anyone that follows me on Instagram or regularly reads my blog that I LOVE wearing red lipstick. What you may not know though is that red is among one of the most universally flattering lipstick colors (remember that next time you utter the words “I can’t pull off red lipstick.”), yet so many people don’t think they can pull off red lips.

Red lipstick can instantly transform your look and while some might not consider it an accessory to your outfit I definitely think it is! It’s an accessory that can compliment your outfit or make a basic look no so basic anymore!

I don’t know why, but the second that I swipe on red lipstick I instantly feel more confident and more put together and the best version of myself. It’s sophisticated and timeless and I honestly just feel like the best version of myself.

You don’t need to be a makeup artist to put it on and you don’t need to be attending a red carpet event to wear it and today I’m giving you ALL my tips!

How to Wear Red Lipstick During the Day
How to Make Sure Red Lipstick Stays on All Day

Prepping your lips is KEY to getting your lipstick to stay on all day!

First step is to exfoliate your lips, you can do this with a lip exfoliator (this one is my favorite) or you can make your own (with coconut oil and sugar).
After exfoliation make sure to slather your lips with a moisturizing lip balm.
Applying a lip primer is a great way to make sure your lipstick stays on all day, but you can also swap this out with lip liner (in either a similar lip color to your lipstick or nude).
And if you’re concerned about your lipstick staying on all day look for ones that are long-lasting. Matte lipstick also tends to stay on much longer than satin.

What to Use for Touch-Ups
It’s important to remember that any shade of bold lipstick will probably require touch-ups throughout the day so I suggest having a mirror and the specific red lipstick you’re wearing in your purse along with tissues and a lip balm. For minor touch ups I suggest gently wiping your lips with a tissue and just reapplying a coat of lipstick, but after eating I suggest wiping off the lipstick as much as you can, applying a light coat of lip balm and then reapply the red on top.

How to Keep Red Lipstick from Bleeding
If your lipstick tends to bleed then I highly suggest applying a lip primer or lip liner in a similar shade of red (or even nude) prior to putting your lipstick on. The lip liner should act as like a glue for your lipstick to stick to. Also make sure to blot your lipstick with a tissue when you’re done applying it.

How to Keep Lips Looking Smooth All Day
EXFOLIATION & HYDRATION are not only the key to great skin, but they’re also the key to keeping your lips looking smooth (while wearing lipstick or not!) There are plenty of lip scrubs on the market, this one is my favorite, but you can also make your own at home with coconut oil and sugar! After exfoliating your lipstick make sure to slather on your favorite moisturizing lip balm. I also LOVE the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, it’s a leave on lip mask that delivers intense moisture and antioxidants while your sleep thanks to Vitamin C & hyaluronic acid.

How to Choose the Correct Shade of Red for Your Skin Tone
Unpopular opinion, but I think every everyone can wear every shade of red, but for all intents and purposes choosing the best shade of red for you that complements your skin tone and its undertones is simple!

First you need to know your skin tone (fair to dark) and your undertones (red, yellow or blue) which combined creates your specific complexion. Figuring out your skin tone is easy, but to figure out your undertone look at your veins on your wrists, what color are they? If you see blue/purple then you have cool skin, if you see green you have warm skin. If you can’t tell by your veins, hold up a piece of white paper to your face, If you skin looks gold/yellow then it’s warm, if it’s reddish or purple it’s cool.

Now that you know your undertones you can find the “correct” shade! Cooler skin tones look best in blue-based red shades. Warmer skin tones look best in bright, true red and orangey red.

Put the Lipstick On and Don’t Look in the Mirror Before Leaving the House
This may seem like the MOST RIDICULOUS tip for how to wear red lipstick during the day but hear me out. Majority of people I speak to about the topic always say that they put red lipstick on and then chicken out and wipe it off before they leave the house. So the easiest solution to this would be to swipe it on right before you leave (make sure you don’t have any red lipstick on your teeth) and leave the house before you overthink it! I’ve literally given this advice so many times and while it seems kinda stupid, it works!!

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