Push-button switch is a common type of component in our daily life, whether it is industrial instrumentation, medical equipment, anti-theft machines, electronic amusement equipment, household appliances, office automation machines and automobiles, airplanes, ships, computer keyboards, digital converters, children’s toys and industrial automation systems, even the operating systems of cutting-edge aerospace technology and military installations, have buttons in all electronic products. Today, the editor will talk to you about the specific content of many common-sense issues related to buttons.

push button switch

The structure, function, and symbol of the push-button switch

The function of push-button switches is mainly used in electronic equipment to turn on or off the power source and change the power circuit to change the working condition of the machine. For example, the frequency band and frequency of the communication machine are changed, the channel of the TV receiver is changed, the function of the tape recorder is changed, the range of the measuring instrument is changed, and the control of various power circuits, etc.

Structural characteristics of the switch. A large part of the button is composed of the outer shell, insulating sheet, handle, contact, lead device, reset key spring (self-locking device), and fasteners. Among them, the shell and insulating sheet are made of ABS engineering plastic and insulating bake-lite; the handle, reset key spring, and fastener are made of metal; the material of the lead device is mostly copper alloy; the contact for the button Generally, silver-copper alloy or sterling silver is used.

3 The graphic symbol (circuit symbol and symbol picture) of the button in the power circuit is shown in Figure 1. Among them, the symbol picture was expressed by “K” in the past (the button switch also used “AN”), and the new regulations use or “ XS” expression.

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