indoor vertical garden

Artificial plant panels are a popular and innovative solution to incorporate natural beauty into living or working spaces. With vibrant panels, you can easily enhance your living spaces or commercial projects with stunning accent walls that require no maintenance. Whether you want to create a striking feature or simply add a pop of color, artificial green wall panels make it effortless to achieve your desired look. Just keep reading to discover all essential information you need to know about these game-changing wall panels that are revolutionizing the decor industry.

Types of artificial plant panels

  • Artificial hedge panels

Artificial hedge panels are a classic staple in the world of artificial plants and have enjoyed enduring popularity in the market. They offer a wide selection to suit various tastes and needs, and are beloved by customers for their natural and lush appearance.

Artificial hedge panels

  • Roma Series vertical garden wall

Roma Series is our flagship green wall panel type, beloved by our high-end customers for its stunning beauty. Hundreds of leaves are combined in countless gorgeous combinations, adding an artistic touch to any environment. Choose the combination that best suits your unique taste and enjoy the beauty of nature with this wonderful vertical garden wall. It’s a perfect way to elevate your daily surroundings and create a natural, calming atmosphere.

vertical garden wall

  • Athens Series artificial plant panels

With Athens Series artificial plant panels, you can bring the beauty of nature into your space and elevate your surroundings with a fresh and chic touch.

artificial plant panels

  • Vienna Series indoor vertical garden

Experience the magnificence of nature without having to travel far with the Vienna Series indoor vertical garden. With a variety of stunning foliage designs to choose from, you can create a luxurious and majestic atmosphere that brings your dream green oasis to life.

indoor vertical garden

Benefits of using artificial green wall panels

  • Lower cost and maintenance

Unlike real plants, artificial plant panels require no watering or maintenance, eliminating the problem of water dripping down walls and onto floors. They are ideal for commercial and residential spaces alike and are not affected by seasonal changes, ensuring year-round beauty. With their lifelike appearance and low-maintenance nature, artificial green panels are an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside without any hassle.

  • More durable and long-lasting

Artificial plant panels have come a long way in terms of durability and longevity. Unlike real plants that require specific conditions to thrive, artificial plant panels are designed to withstand a range of environmental factors and can last for years without requiring any maintenance. They are typically made from high-quality materials that are resistant to fading, weathering, wear and tear, ensuring that they remain looking lush and vibrant for a long time.

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