1. Wrinkle:

The length of artificial sports turf is generally very long, so there must be enough manpower during construction. Fold positions must be checked in detail prior to positioning and fixing. During processing, the position must be adjusted every 3 meters by lifting, and the gluing and grinding process can only be used if no creases are found.

The generation of wrinkles is a hidden danger of artificial turf swelling in the later period of use, which will cause the unevenness of the sports field and reduce the service life of artificial turf and the performance of sports functions. Therefore, it must be paid attention to and paid attention to during construction.

  1. Warped edge:


1) Insufficient amount of lap glue or poor glue quality

2) When the glue is bonded, the bonding time is not properly controlled. Under normal circumstances, the artificial turf cannot be put down and pasted immediately after brushing the glue. The artificial turf must be put down after about 10 minutes, and the turf must be lapped at the overlapping interface for more than three times with a roller or manual stepping. In order to prevent separation before curing, the interface must be weighed with quartz sand..

Warped edges are the bane of artificial turf. When the edge warping is found, it must be reworked immediately, otherwise the gap in the field will expand rapidly, and the warping of the middle edge will bring great obstacles to the movement of athletes and hidden safety hazards.

  • The amount of sand filling is insufficient and uneven. Generally speaking, artificial turf with a height of 50 mm must be filled with more than 30 kg per square meter. A sufficient sand filling layer can greatly inhibit the occurrence of lap joint warping and prolong the service life of the lawn.


  1. Filling and combing process:


In order to meet the requirements of this process, the slope of the artificial grass must be kept at 80-100 degrees. Each time the filling material shall not exceed 30% of the total thickness. At the same time, turn on the grass cleaning machine immediately, hold the fallen grass line comb vertically, and prepare for the next round of filling construction.

Note: A large amount of straw has not been combed and erected.

  1. Marking line:

The marking lines are artificial turf made of white grass. Artificial turf markings must be standardized and firm on the basis of accurate measurement and positioning. During the construction process, the following three points should be done well:

1) The width of the marking line should be uniform;

2) The bonding should be firm and standardized. The bottom of the marked artificial turf must be pasted with a lap cloth with a thickness greater than 30cm (10cm on each side). The lawn used for the joint should use lap cloth to connect the marked lawn with the whole .

3) Some arc markings must be dug and cut after the overall lawn construction.

  1. Lap margin:

The standard laying must be the distance between the width and the grass line at the junction of the width, which is equal to the distance between the horizontal distances of the lawn. Due to the large lawn area, the weight of each bag is about 600 kg, which brings inconvenience to the construction personnel.


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