▲ Diesel fuel must be added after stopping the machine.

▲Do not use indoors or in poorly ventilated places.

▲Do not load when running at low speed.

▲ Unload first and then shut down.

▲Replace the air filter every 50 hours.


  • This machine adopts a high-precision fuel injection system. Please use genuine PetroChina or Sinopec diesel. Inferior diesel contains a lot of impurities, which can easily block the fuel injection system and directly affect the normal use of the machine.
  • Please use CD or CF grade 15W-40 brand engine oil. Inferior engine oil will increase the wear of the internal parts of the engine and affect the service life.



Check the engine oil before starting, and control the throttle cable to make the diesel engine speed reach the starting speed.

The no-load operation shall not exceed 15 minutes after starting to avoid carbon deposits in the injector and blockage.


start up:

  1. Turn the starter key to the start position and release it.
  2. Make sure the diesel engine is warmed up for 5 minutes.
  3. Open the circuit breaker.
  4. Slowly pull the starter until it stops, then slowly bring it back to its original position and let go.
  5. Press the decompression handle and loosen it.
  6. Pull the rope hard, pull it all out quickly, and then let go.
  7. Preheat the oiler for 5 minutes.
  8. Open air switch



1 Turn off the circuit breaker.

2 Let the diesel engine cool down for 3 to 5 minutes.

3 Move the starter key to the “OFF” position!

▲ Attention when starting up

  1. In order to ensure your safe operation of this unit, please be sure to read and understand the operation and maintenance manual before starting the machine.
  2. Be sure to add CD or CF grade 15W-40 brand engine oil to the engine before use.
  3. The fuel used in this machine is diesel, please be sure to add a suitable brand of diesel.
  4. Do not add too much fuel. It is very dangerous to add too much fuel. When refueling, be careful not to exceed the top of the red piston in the fuel filter. After refueling, tighten the fuel filler cap.
  5. Be careful not to spill fuel when refueling. If it spills accidentally, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the overflow area is dry before the unit starts.


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