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Hangzhou, China, April 9th, 2024 — Scantech, a global leader in 3D technology solutions, proudly introduces NimbleTrack, an advanced wireless 3D scanning system poised to transform precision measurement across various industries. Designed for optimal mobility and precision, NimbleTrack offers a versatile tool for engineers, designers, and manufacturers involved in the analysis and inspection of small-to-medium-sized parts.

Ultra-Portable Design for Unmatched Flexibility

NimbleTrack sets new standards in the realm of optical 3D scanning with its remarkably lightweight and compact design. Weighing just 2.2 kg with a length of 57 cm, the i-Tracker component of the system facilitates easy and fatigue-free operations. The system’s portability is enhanced by a robust carrying case, ensuring all components are easily transportable, reflecting a true plug-and-play capability.

optical 3D scanning

Revolutionary Stability and Precision with CFFIM Technology

Employing groundbreaking Carbon Fiber Frame Integrated Molding (CFFIM) technology, NimbleTrack ensures a lightweight yet highly durable structure. This innovation allows the scanner to maintain calibration and performance stability over long periods, even under thermal variation, offering users complete control over every scanning session.

CFFIM Technology

Wireless Operational Freedom

NimbleTrack redefines flexibility with its fully wireless operation, eliminating the need for cables in powering the device or transferring data. Its dual power cycle system, featuring a built-in powerful battery in the 3D scanner and standard plug-in batteries in the tracker, ensures prolonged and uninterrupted usage, making on-site measurements feasible under any conditions.

3D scanner

Edge Computing for Enhanced Performance

The system integrates sophisticated edge computing capabilities within both the 3D scanner and tracker, achieving a high frame rate of 120 FPS for smooth and rapid scanning. This feature allows for efficient, target-free scanning, significantly streamlining measurement processes and enabling the system to handle complex tasks with ease.

3D scanner and tracker

Advanced Metrology for Refined Accuracy

NimbleTrack achieves exceptional precision, offering up to 0.025 mm accuracy and a maximum volumetric accuracy of 0.064 mm. The system is specially designed for challenging environments and narrow spaces, where it can perform high-precision scans wirelessly and independently, enhancing its utility in measuring larger parts with reduced error accumulation through advanced photogrammetry.

Advanced Metrology for Refined Accuracy

Expanding Measurement Capabilities with Multi-tracker Measurement

NimbleTrack can dynamically extend its measurement range by incorporating additional i-Trackers. This scalability allows for the precise measurement of large-scale objects without compromising accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Multi-tracker Measurement

Intelligent Edge Detection and i-Probe500

NimbleTrack features precise edge detection for detailed inspections of closed features like holes and slots. Additionally, the optional i-Probe500 allows for contact measurement of inaccessible areas, providing both wired and wireless operation for maximum versatility.

Intelligent Edge Detection and i-Probe500


Streamlining Processes Across Industries

NimbleTrack not only accelerates production processes but also ensures meticulous quality checks and final inspections, supporting rapid prototyping and product development across sectors. It is particularly suited to scenarios where traditional measurement setups are impractical, offering a reliable solution for field measurements and high-altitude scanning.

Streamlining Processes Across Industries

About Scantech

Based in Hangzhou, China, SCANTECH (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. is at the forefront of the 3D scanning and measurement industry. With a rich heritage in research, development, and innovation, Scantech offers a diverse range of high-precision and cost-effective 3D scanners and systems tailored to meet the demands of a global clientele.

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