Recently, Springfield Armory (Springfield Armory) launched the “Echelon” pistol with a caliber of 9×19mm.


Engineers at Springfield Armory say the Phalanx sets a new standard for modern striker-travel pistols. This modular pistol offers the benefits of adaptability, a range of revolutionary patent-pending features, superior ergonomics and reliable performance in the harshest environments.


At the heart of the Phalanx is the new patent-pending “Central Operating Group (COG)”. Using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the modular COG is a fully self-contained, serially numbered stainless steel assembly. Can be removed from one grip module and fitted into another grip module in seconds.


To accommodate the greatest number of users, the COG can be fitted into any Phalanx grip module, allowing the user to assemble a pistol that fits perfectly in the palm of their hand. The original Phalanx pistol comes with a vital grip module and three interchangeable grip backplates, small and large grip modules can be purchased separately.


Three grip backplates fit all three sizes of grip modules. In addition, all operating parts of the pistol are usable by right and left hands.


The Phalanx trigger group takes advantage of the COG design for superior performance. Key components are fully included within the chassis structure. Parts are fabricated from tool steel and highly polished for smooth trigger formation, clear secondary fire, crisp firing and short trigger return travel. The result is excellent trigger feel.


In addition, the design and testing of “Phalanx” exceeds the SAAMI drop test requirements, and a unique double sear design is used in COG to provide another insurance.


The adaptability of the Phalanx is further enhanced by the innovative design of the Variable Interface System (VIS), which utilizes a patent-pending self-locking pin to make it the most versatile scope mounting system on the market. When the mounting screw is tightened to specification, the pin exerts sideways pressure on the mounting surface on the bottom of the scope to eliminate play that would allow the scope to move side to side. This ensures that your scope will always have a consistent aim/point of impact. Additionally, the pins are positioned to match the interface of a variety of popular miniature red dot sights on the market, allowing for an unrivaled direct fit between the pistol slide and scope.


“Phalanx” provides two mechanical sight configurations, the tritium tube front sight is the same, but with U-shaped night light door and tritium tube sight respectively. The Phalanx has a 4.5″ (114mm) long cold-forged barrel, and a 5.28″ (134mm) cold-forged threaded barrel is also available.


The ergonomic design of “Phalanx” is also innovative, with non-slip textures on the front and back of the sleeve, which is easy to operate. There are grooves behind the four non-slip lines, which are used to provide a natural grip area to complete the action of checking the cartridge in the chamber and pulling the sleeve to load.


In particular, the tail of the sleeve is trumpet-shaped, which is very easy to grasp. Both the front and rear anti-skid lines cover the edge corners of the sleeve, which can be grasped from any angle.


The “Phalanx” uses a newly designed magazine, which is durable and reliable. Equipped with two kinds of magazines, the flat magazine has a capacity of 17 rounds, and the extended magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds. In order to meet the requirements of some regions, a 10-round magazine is also provided. All magazines feature a new scratch and abrasion resistant black coating.


“The Phalanx was designed from the ground up to be the most advanced striker-translation pistol available,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing, Springfield Armory. “Featured with a precision-built COG chassis, revolutionary VIS sight mounting system, advanced slide design and enhanced ergonomics, the new pistol is the culmination of years of product development to create the ultimate service and defense pistol.”

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