1. What are the conditions for the parallel use of two generator sets? What device is used to complete the parallel work?


Answer: The condition for parallel use is that the instantaneous voltage, frequency and phase of the two machines are the same. Commonly known as “Three Simultaneous”. Use a dedicated parallel device to complete the parallel work. It is generally recommended to use fully automatic parallel cabinets. Try not to manually parallelize. Because the success or failure of manual parallelization depends on human experience. With more than 20 years of experience in electric power work, the author dares to say that the reliable success rate of manual paralleling of diesel generators is equal to 0. Never apply the concept of manual paralleling of the large mains power supply system to the small power supply system, because the protection levels of the two are completely different.

  1. What is the power factor of the three-phase generator? Can a power compensator be added to improve the power factor?

Answer: The power factor is 0.8. No, because the charging and discharging of the capacitor will cause fluctuations in the small power supply. and vibration of the unit.



3.Why do we require the customer to carry out a tightening of all electrical contacts after every 200 hours of operation of the unit?

Answer: Diesel generator sets are vibration workers. Moreover, many domestically produced or assembled units are useless to use double nuts. The spring washer is useless. Once the electrical fasteners are loosened, a large contact resistance will occur, resulting in abnormal operation of the unit.


  1. Why must the generator room be clean and free of floating sand on the ground?

Answer: If the diesel engine inhales dirty air, its power will decrease; if the generator inhales impurities such as sand particles, the insulation between the stator and rotor gaps will be damaged, and in severe cases, it will be burned.


  1. Why since 2002, our company generally does not recommend users to use neutral grounding during installation?


Answer: 1) The self-regulating function of the new generation generator is greatly enhanced; 2) In practice, it is found that the lightning failure rate of the neutral point grounding unit is relatively high; 3) The grounding quality requirements are high, and the general users cannot do it. Unsafe work grounding is worse than ungrounding; 4) The unit with neutral point grounding will cover the leakage faults and grounding errors of the load, and these faults and errors cannot be exposed under the condition of high-current power supply of mains.

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