Compared with 4G, the emerging 5Gnetwork has lower latency, higher capacity, and greater bandwidth. These network improvements will have a profound impact on how people around the world live, work, and play.

Speed upgrade

Each generation of wireless networks reflects a massive increase in speed, and 5G — the fifth generation of cellular technology — will offer far more advantages than 4G LTE.

After operators roll out full 5G capabilities, consumers and businesses may begin to consider 5G networks as a strong alternative to fast broadband connections.

low latency

Latency measures the time it takes for a signal to travel from the source to the receiver and back again. One of the goals of every generation of wireless technology is to reduce latency. The new 5G network will have lower latency than 4G LTE, with round-trip data transfer times of less than 5ms1.

While agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics will all benefit from lower latency, gamers are also eagerly anticipating the rollout of 5G. The combination of high speed and minimal latency is ideal for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications that could explode in popularity as connectivity improves, creating more seamless, immersive experiences stand up.

gain power

The speed is exciting, but one question on the minds of analysts and industry leaders is this. How will 5G help businesses expand their technology plans?

5G will provide 1,000 times more capacity than 4G,3 creating fertile soil for IoT development. 5G and the Internet of Things are a perfect match that will redefine how wireless networks and the entire Internet are used. With the ability for hundreds or thousands of devices to communicate seamlessly, new applications and use cases will flourish in cities, factories, farms, schools, and homes.

increased bandwidth

The increased speed and network capacity of 5G networks will create greater data transfer potential than 4G LTE networks.

For businesses, the impact of increased bandwidth will reverberate across many departments and departments in the form of big data. Today, companies receive far more information from customers, suppliers, and teams than they can process and analyze the insights. Through 5G connectivity and big data analytics, these businesses can turn massive amounts of data into actionable knowledge.

Availability and Coverage

While consumers and businesses alike are eager to experience the benefits of 5G for themselves, the availability of 5G coverage remains limited. Today, all major U.S. mobile carriers are deploying 5G networks in major cities in preparation for a wider rollout.

Intel® 5G Technologies and Solutions

The full benefits of 5G depend on having a network capable of supporting next-generation capabilities and features. As a computing leader in networking solutions, Intel is critical to the structure and organization of the global 5G rollout.

Intel 5G technology will power the 5G experience of the future – from the edge device to the network, to the information from the network.

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