Electronic switches can be seen in all kinds of electrical appliances. With the progress of the times, a new type of rotary switch is also appearing in people’s lives, but what is the difference between the rotary switch and the ordinary button switch?


Difference 1. The number of gears is different



There are many gears that can be controlled by the knob switch, at least two or more, but the switch button only has two functions of on and off. This is the most basic difference between them, and it is also the most important one. After the number of switch gears increases, the use process of electrical appliances can be controlled freely, and at the same time, it can be easily switched freely under different operating conditions, which brings a lot of convenience to people’s life.


Difference 2. Different scope of application


Because the push button switch has only two buttons, on and off, it can only be used as a switch key for some simple electrical appliances during the application process, while the rotary button can provide more positions, so the application field is wider in the application process. The natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, washing machine, electric fan, air conditioner, etc. that we usually see can all be applied to the rotary switch.



Third, the installation method is different


Because the gears and circuits involved in the two different switches are different, the installation methods of the two are also very different. The gears involved in the button switch are only two switches, so it is only necessary to connect the two contacts in detail during installation, while the gears involved in the knob switch are more, so it is necessary to sort out all the lines during installation and then deal with it accordingly.





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