busbar support

Busbar supports, sometimes called busbar clamps or busbar supports, provide support and insulation in electrical assemblies where current-carrying busbars (conductors) are present.

In power distribution, busbars (also known as busbars) are metal strips or blocks that are typically installed within switchgear, panels, and busway enclosures for localized high-current distribution. They are also used to connect high voltage equipment in electrical switchyards and low voltage equipment in battery packs. They are generally uninsulated and rigid enough to be supported in the air by insulating struts. These properties allow for adequate cooling of the conductors and the ability to be tapped at various points without creating new splices.

Like all Haitan products, our busbar supports have undergone expert, rigorous and independent testing to ensure they are suitable for the intended application. Our busbar supports are tested to give you confidence that they will meet their specified ratings when properly installed in your own components, reducing the risk of failure during use.

Importance of busbar protection

Busbars are electrical connections used to collect power from incoming feeders and distribute it to outgoing feeders. The main purpose of a busbar is to transmit and distribute electricity. Busbars are used to improve system efficiency.

Due to problems such as load loss and long fault clearing time, a special busbar protection scheme is required when backup protection is used. When it comes to dedicated busbar protection, high-speed operation, reliability, and stability are required.

The main purpose of this busbar is to increase the reliability of the power system by maintaining the evacuation of power in the event of any feeder tripping due to a fault.

For over 30 years, Haitan has been providing professional insulation products. All busbar supports are produced in our factory, subject to strict quality control. So you can rest assured of their high quality. We have full control over our production schedule, which allows us to offer our customers flexible lead times. Our in-house product development team is constantly looking to improve existing products and develop new innovative components for our customers.

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