Kindergarten children are the flowers of the motherland and the talents of the future. The current country has always paid more attention to kindergarten children, attaches great importance to their cultivation, and attaches importance to their learning environment. Therefore, when using artificial grass in kindergartens, children’s characteristics must also be considered. Choose more practical and safer kindergarten artificial grass for children.


Characteristics of artificial grass used in kindergartens


Kindergarten synthetic turf is relatively low in maintenance costs. It only needs to be washed with clean water to remove the dust and dirt on it, and it will not fade or deform. In addition, there is no worry about cracking at the bottom, no blistering and delamination, and it is a simple and economical grass fiber type. In addition, artificial grass is relatively more environmentally friendly. During paving and construction, the construction period is relatively short, and the quality is easy to control. Inspection and testing do not require much professional knowledge. In addition, the use of artificial turf has a relatively high utilization rate, can also absorb shocks, has no noise, no odor, is elastic, and has better flame retardant performance. It is suitable for use in kindergartens and is now a better place for training, activities, and competitions. In addition, the artificial turf itself has a beautiful layout, a service life of more than 10 years, a relatively high utilization rate, and can be used all-weather. It has the beautification effect of natural grass, and the specifications and varieties are also very complete. You can choose the height of artificial turf according to your needs. Artificial sports turf can also be recycled and reused, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Especially children have a playful nature and are active, and the artificial turf can protect children from being hurt when playing sports. Purely in these aspects, as a kindergarten, it is suitable to use artificial turf.



Artificial grass is more suitable for kindergarten


For kindergarten children, games are indispensable at ordinary times. During the game, children will exercise a lot. In addition, kindergartens will be equipped with corresponding infrastructure, so that children can participate in various games through diversified games when playing. In order to reduce cost investment and protect children’s health and safety, many kindergartens are equipped with some play equipment that different children like, and also use artificial grass for matching, which can not only play a beautiful role, but also protect children.


Especially in recent years, many kindergartens will lay artificial turf outdoors. The artificial turf is evergreen in all seasons. You can choose different artificial turf colors according to the design of your kindergarten. Because the artificial grass is soft, the maintenance is also very simple and convenient, and it can also protect the child. Even if the child falls while playing, because the artificial grass has a certain elasticity, it can play a buffering role and will not hurt the child’s body. . But don’t buy some inferior artificial turf, because no matter in terms of quality or in terms of material selection, some inferior materials will be selected, which cannot guarantee the health and safety of children. Therefore, as a kindergarten, when choosing artificial turf, you must choose a high-quality artificial turf to effectively prevent kindergarten children from being bruised and scratched.



Kindergarten lawn manufacturers


Kindergarten artificial turf has many characteristics and is more suitable for kindergarten use. As a kindergarten is laying artificial turf, you can’t choose it at will. You can compare different artificial turf brands to choose a good reputation in the industry, guaranteed quality, high cost performance, and after-sales service. The artificial turf that can only be purchased from qualified manufacturers can guarantee the quality, so that children will not be hurt even if they fall down while playing.


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