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In July 2016, a customer from the USA accidentally saw the indicator factory website on Google. He feels the company is very professional, so he wrote us the email.

Through our communication, we know that the customer has been purchasing metal 12V LED indicator lights in China. However, the product often has quality problems and the appearance is ugly. Either the LED is not bright or the wire is broken, which leads to his business bad.

We compared the 12V LED indicator lights they purchased before, the price is relatively low but the supplier was not professional. In the beginning, the customer couldn’t accept our price, so we decided to customize an indicator light with moderate price, better quality, and a beautiful appearance. Samples were sent to the customer through DHL after 8 months of production. The customer was very satisfied with the product. Filn can also customize a variety of indicator lights.

Please refer to the below parameters of the 12V LED indicator light.

The copper part material of the 12V LED indicator light is brass, then processed with CNC lathes, which can ensure the precision of the metal shell. After the electroplating process, the light will be very bright and looks very high-end and beautiful when it is installed on the machine. If the usage environment has sulfuric acid, you’d better choose stainless steel material.

What is the 12V LED indicator light?

12V LED indicator light means that the output voltage of the installed device is 12V. We want to check whether the machine is powered on or not with our eyes, so made an LED indicator light.

What is the 12V LED indicator light used for?

12V LED indicator light is very versatile, Usually, it is very suitable for the below industries.

  • Food industry: Coffee machines, water heaters, water dispensers, fryers, meat grinders, grills, barbecues, food machinery, freezers, blender, insulation, rice stand, blender, Cooking Stove, Induction Cooker, Oil Fume Purifier.
  • Medical: medical equipment
  • Life: Water heaters, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, cleaning machines
  • Factory: Automation, test equipment, modified car, shoe making machine, refrigeration equipment, cookware, dashboard, distribution box, car panel, player, amplifier player, education, generator, welding machines, cable trays, inverters, voltage regulators, access control devices, Solar Energy, school laboratory, auto and motorcycle accessories, industrial air purifiers.

How to purchase the 12V LED indicator light?

If you are a factory, you need to customize the indicator or the order quantity is large, you can directly email us at [email protected], FILN will offer you our best price. If your demand quantity is small, you can place an order on AliExpress or Amazon.

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