1. Basic characteristics of  Cummins diesel generator sets


  1. Basic design features


The cylinder block design of the diesel generator set is strong and durable, with low vibration and noise; four-stroke, smooth operation and high efficiency; replaceable wet cylinder liner, long life and easy maintenance; two cylinders and one cover, each cylinder, 4 valves, sufficient air intake, Forced water cooling, small heat radiation and excellent performance.


  1. Fuel system


The company’s patented fuel system has a unique overspeed protection device; low-pressure fuel pipes, fewer pipelines, low failure rates, and high reliability; high-pressure injection for full combustion. Equipped with fuel supply and return check valves, it is safe and reliable to use.



  1. Air intake system


  1. Exhaust system


The diesel generator set uses a pulse dry exhaust pipe, which can effectively utilize the exhaust gas energy and give full play to the engine performance; the unit is equipped with an exhaust elbow pipe and an exhaust bellows with a diameter of 127mm for easy connection.


  1. Cooling system


The engine of the diesel generator set adopts forced water cooling by a gear centrifugal water pump and a large-flow water channel design, which has good cooling effect and can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise. Unique spin-on water filter prevents rust and corrosion, controls acidity and removes impurities.


  1. Lubrication system


Variable flow oil pump, with main oil channel signal tube, can adjust the amount of pump oil according to the oil pressure in the main oil channel, optimizing the amount of oil entering the engine; with low oil pressure (241-345kPa), the above measures can effectively reduce pump oil power loss , improve power and improve engine economy.



  1. Power output


A double-slot power output crankshaft pulley can be installed in front of the shock absorber. A multi-slot accessory drive pulley is installed at the front of the Cummins diesel generator set, and both can be equipped with various front-end power output devices.


  1. Ultra-low fuel consumption


Adopting Cummins XPI ultra-high pressure common rail fuel injection system and CTT high-flow turbocharger, combined with Cummins’ advanced power cylinder design and electronic control system, it greatly reduces fuel consumption and ensures excellent fuel economy of the engine in different working conditions and applications. sex.


  1. Excellent reliability


It is designed using the world’s leading engineering technology and analysis tools and combined with the usage conditions of Chinese users. With the support of powerful sensors and electronic control systems, the engine has stronger high-altitude operating performance, low-temperature operation and large-load continuous operation capabilities, reaching minus 40 The engine can operate freely up to 60 degrees Celsius and at an altitude of 5,200 meters, and can output at full load without affecting the output capability.

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