I believe that many friends will encounter some problems when using the micro switch. Since the basic knowledge of the micro switch is not well understood, many people do not know how to deal with it, but we can solve common problems.


  1. What is the reason for the poor contact of the micro switch? How to deal with it?


The first possibility is that there is dust attached to the copper sheets and switch contacts. It is recommended to use sealed electric switches.


The second is that due to the destruction of harmful gases in the atmosphere, a thin film with insulating properties is formed on the surface of the joint. It is recommended to use joint materials with good adaptability to the natural environment (gold, aluminum alloy, etc.).



  1. What is the reason why the load does not turn on even if the micro switch is pressed?


There are many reasons. One is poor contact;


  1. What is the aging and ablation of the insulating layer of the micro switch? How to prevent it?



First of all, the main reason for the aging and corrosion of the micro switch is that the load is too large, which creates an electric arc and makes it float around. This problem can be solved by switching loads of vehicle relays and AC contactors.


Secondly, due to the high humidity of the surrounding air, the surrounding temperature has changed significantly, causing the water droplets in the air to penetrate, increasing the degree of carbonization of the insulating layer. In humid and cold environments, avoid using the micro switch for a long time, or use a closed switch.



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