Material selection and installation requirements and related details of AC sockets: The selection of switch sockets should pay attention to: 1. The size of the AC socket panel should be consistent with the size of the embedded junction box; 2. The surface is smooth, the brand logo is obvious, and there are anti-counterfeiting signs and national The Great Wall logo of electrical safety certification; 3. The AC socket feels flexible when turned on, the socket is stable, and the copper sheet must have a certain thickness; 4. The material of the panel should be flame-retardant and firm.



The installation height of the AC socket is generally 1.2 to 1.35 meters, the distance from the door frame is 150 to 200 mm, and the height of the wall socket is generally 0.2 to 0.3 meters.


The following points should be paid attention to when choosing a switch socket: 1. Heavy brand name: brand-name products have certain guarantees in product quality and service; 2. 2. According to their own economic strength and decoration environment, choose as appropriate; When purchasing products, you should also pay attention to product quality and related details:



(1) The surface of the product should be smooth, without blistering and depression, and the structure should be refined and not rough;

(2) The wiring is bright and has no rust marks;

(3) There is no blocking feeling when the tightening screw is tightened, and the wire is not easy to loosen after tightening;

(4) When the switch and socket are fastened to the wall, there shall be no inclination or unevenness;

(5) The opening and closing positions of the switch are clearly marked;

(6) The fire, zero and ground wires of the switch and socket terminals are clearly marked;

(7) There is no crack in the back seat of the switch and socket;

(8) The switch feels light and responsive, and the on and off positions are in place;

(9) The socket can be inserted and unplugged smoothly, and there is a certain resistance when inserting, preferably with a protective door;

(10) The trademark is clearly printed or engraved, the packaging is standardized, and the certificate of conformity is attached;

(11) There are 3C certification marks;

(12) It is necessary to choose a high-quality bottom box to match it;

(13) Read the manual carefully to see if it meets your own requirements.

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