honeycomb paper making machine

Honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly, strong, and costs effective Kraft paper packaging material formed with hexagonal cells formation. Made by our honeycomb paper making machine, honeycomb paper forming machine, or cut the wrapping roll to the sheet by our another honeycomb paper cushion making machine. It is used in inner as well as outer packaging. It can also be used as a shock absorbent, as a shield, or even as a pallet. It is cost-effective due to its recyclable properties. Made out of Kraft paper and water-based glue, it has great utility in the packaging industry. It is a strong material with high resistance and durability. Honeycomb packaging is best for packaging of all types and sizes of materials, be it a small cell phone or a large automotive part. The smallest chips to the largest generators can be efficiently packed using this.

honeycomb paper making machine

Some of the benefits of Honeycomb Packaging are as follows:

1)Finds utility in all kinds of packaging:-

It is used in the packaging of all types of materials from a small scale or large scale. Bulk packaging can easily be done efficiently using this packaging. Honeycomb packaging in Delhi has a wide range of applications and is used worldwide as a safe packaging option.

2)It is humidity resistant:-

Kraft paper is usually coated with PE film making it humidity resistant. This means that you don’t have to worry about weather conditions or humidity levels when you go for this.

3) Can’t be compressed easily:-

It is a strong packaging. It cannot be suppressed easily using vertical compression. It is highly resistant to compressions due to its strong structure. Hence, Honeycomb packaging manufacturers are more reliable than corrugated box manufacturers in Delhi.

Honeycomb Packaging in Delhi- Usage and application:-

It is one of the most sought-after options in terms of Packaging due to its above-mentioned benefits. Here are some of the fields and areas where it finds its utility:

According to Geography:-

Latin America


Asia Pacific

North America


Middle and East Africa

In short, it finds its use all over the world.

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