When it comes to circuit breakers and circuit breakers, most electrical designers must be very familiar with them. But when it comes to the difference between a circuit breaker and a circuit breaker, many electrical designers may be in the dark, and some electrical design novices are even more clueless. We all know that a circuit breaker is a switching device similar to a light switch. Of course, the internal device of a circuit breaker is much more complicated than a light switch, but it does not affect the essence of a switch.


The full name of the air switch is the air switch, also known as the “air circuit breaker”, which is a kind of circuit breaker. The reason why it is called “air” is because the power switch with this structure will generate an arc every time it is closed and opened. If the arc cannot be quickly extinguished at this time, it will easily cause fire and harm the human body. The air switch uses the plastic shell and air as the arc extinguishing medium, which is the biggest difference between it and other circuit breakers. Generally speaking, the difference between a circuit breaker and an air switch is that the internal structure of the circuit breaker is more complex, more sophisticated, and more widely used. So what is the difference between a circuit breaker and a circuit breaker? The following article will give you a detailed analysis. After reading the article, I hope that the majority of electrical personnel can deepen their understanding of circuit breakers and circuit breakers.



▶ 01 Understanding of circuit breakers and circuit breakers


※ What is the difference between a circuit breaker and a circuit breaker? This problem is actually a problem of understanding barriers caused by the rigorous use of words!


◆ Is circuit breaker a kind of circuit breaker?


◆ Or is the circuit breaker a type of circuit breaker?


◆ Or are both the same?


◆ Circuit breaker and circuit breaker, at first glance, veterans in the industry can easily equate the two. In fact, there is no fault in this way in daily work, and it can be accepted by the public. Speaking of “air switch” and “air switch” is after all a language communication in daily work, not as rigorous as in the specifications and drawings. It seems that we have never seen anyone directly write the word “air switch” on the drawings.


☀ But if someone seriously raises such a question, we might as well think about the difference between the two seriously.


◆ The electrical major itself is a technical major that emphasizes rigor and logic. We should not deal with any problem vaguely, otherwise it will cause a vague understanding of the above concepts.


◆ Now that the issue of rigor is mentioned, let’s take a look at what is the explanation in the normative terminology?



▶ 02 Analysis of the difference between circuit breakers and circuit breakers


◆ Here we need to note that the naming of the above-mentioned “mechanical switching device” is determined by the medium in which its contacts are located.


◆ If the insulating medium is “air”, then we call it “air mechanical switching device”, thus getting the abbreviation of “air switch”, and more recently, the abbreviation of “air switch”.


☀ We also noticed that the above-mentioned explanation of the term “circuit breaker” clarifies that the circuit breaker is a “mechanical switching device”, so it is concluded that the “air circuit breaker” with air insulation is a type of “air switch”, while the SF6 circuit breaker, vacuum circuit breaker, and oil circuit breaker do not belong to the “air switch”.


◆ It’s just that the circuit breaker, a mechanical switching device, has more special functions than other switching devices, that is, it can be closed and broken under normal current conditions, and it can also be connected, carried for a certain time and broken current under the conditions of line overload and short circuit.


◆ If we simply talk about the difference between “switch” and “circuit breaker”, we can say that “circuit breaker” is a kind of “switch”. However, if the word “air” is added before “switch”, the insulation medium type of the switch is determined to be air insulation, so it will include air circuit breakers. Our most common frame circuit breakers ACB, molded case circuit breakers MCCB, and miniature circuit breakers MCB are all air circuit breakers.




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