This article will lead you to explore the magic of an entry-level product for professional-grade 3D scanners – iReal 2E Color 3D scanner from Scantech.

Whats so special about the iReal 2E color 3D scanner?

  1. It adopts invisible infrared structured light, 100% safe and comfortable when scanning;
  2. It supports color 3D scanning and human hair scanning;
  3. It is most suitable for 3D scanning medium to large-sized objects or the human body;
  4. Large Field of View (FoV) of 580 x 550mm and deep Depth of Field of 720 mm, which give more freedom during operation and make the scanning easier;
  5. Four alignment modes: feature alignment, texture alignment, mixed alignment and marker alignment (for items with rich geometric features, no marker is required);
  6. The accuracy is up to 0.1 mm;
  7. It comes with self-developed 3D scanning software: iReal 3D scanning software and can seamlessly switch to GOM Inspect;
  8. Strong material and color adaptability: it can 3D scan objects with dark matte surfaces, and it can identify deep and light colors automatically;
  9. Environment adaptability: it can work smoothly under outdoor strong sunlight or in a dark environment;
  10. Most importantly, it only prices at $3,980 (Ex-works Price)!

Where is iReal 2E used?

Thanks to its infrared VCSEL structured light technology, which is completely safe and friendly to human, iReal 2E has a broad use in almost every industry, especially in medical rehabilitation, art design, medium and large sculptures, virtual display, digital humans, scientific research and education, cultural relics and archaeology, reverse engineering, etc.

◈Medical rehabilitation

The scan data captured by iReal 2E can be strong data support for the customization of prosthetics, which helps realize personalized precision treatment.

◈Medium and large-sized sculptures

Using iReal 2E to 3D scan a large sculpture with fewer geometric features, the alignment process is smooth and easy.

◈Art design

Combined with 3D printing technology, artists can break through the limits of minds, fully realizing their potential and creativity.


◈Digital humans

iReal 2E can also play a special role in creating digital humans and building the Metaverse.


◈Cultural relics and archaeology

By capturing high-precision 3D data, iReal 2E can help the restoration of cultural relics.

Among all the professional-grade 3D scanners in the market, iReal 2E has the highest cost performance and the widest applications. It is also a perfect tool for 3D designers and 3D engineers.

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