Which Chinese wholesale website is the best? How to increase the value of buying wholesale from Chinese businesses? Generally speaking, this boils down to making sure you have a differentiated and solid offer. Therefore, finding a reliable China-made wholesale supplier is a crucial step in successfully growing an e-commerce business.


Today, in this article, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the best legit Chinese wholesale website suppliers and show you how to find a Chinese wholesaler.



Comparison of Mainstream Wholesale Websites in China






Alibaba vs Global Sources vs Made in China

How to find wholesalers in China? The first thing you need to look at are the directories of the top three online wholesale sites in China: Alibaba and Global Sources, Made in China.


But there are some key differences between the three:


1688 China Wholesale Network, Alibaba’s Chinese wholesale supplier list is much higher than Global Sources/Made in China, but the quality is lower (the picture on the right is the process of finding Chinese wholesalers):


However, Alibaba’s services are much broader and now even have online fairs. With the development of global business, more and more suppliers from other countries are selling on Alibaba.


In my experience, Alibaba is much more noisy. Therefore, when you buy products from Alibaba, you need to spend some time learning how to protect your rights and interests.


Made in China/Global Sources focuses on electronics, mobile phones, home gifts and other fields, and is the best choice for purchasing products in this field.


Also, I find that the MOQ/price for global sourcing/made in China tends to be much higher than Alibaba.


What is the best product to buy wholesale from China?

There are many kinds of businesses that directly import from China. Some are sold in their own physical stores; others are sold in their own physical stores. Some sell primarily on Amazon; others act as wholesalers; and so on.


So, what is the cheapest Chinese wholesale website? In fact, as long as you keep asking for the lowest price and large quantity, you can always find the cheapest products from Chinese wholesalers. Just ask a few more questions.


The best way to do this is to add value to the products you wish to import from China. Generally speaking, this boils down to making sure you have a differentiated and solid offer.



If you buy certain types of products from China


Signs that Amazon aggregators — the big funds that raise money to aggregate brands that sell on Amazon — are on the lookout.


When they see differentiated proprietary products in the market, they tend to pay higher prices. It usually leads to healthier profits. As long as there is good marketing, a differentiated brand, and a sound intellectual property protection strategy, it makes the business forward-looking.


Ideally, an innovative and successful product is also the basis for developing other products in the same field. We’re seeing this happening more and more frequently.


If you don’t have a good product in hand at this stage?


If you have a strategy that works (learned from a few lessons) and that gives you high growth and/or high profitability, go for it.


But if you’re suffering from over-reliance on suppliers and/or selling undifferentiated products, launching a new product might be the right move.


If you’ve never done this before, take your time. Follow the “ladder” approach, starting with the goal of working with ODM suppliers to improve their ODM products. If you can negotiate (very hard) to be the exclusive buyer of that release, that could be a good outcome.


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