artificial green wall in office lobby

The lobby serves as the initial point of contact for visitors, leaving a lasting impression on customers, new staff, and business partners from the very first step inside. Discover the transformative effect an artificial hedge wall can have on enhancing this critical first impression.

Building Lobby

Lobby is a space that forms the visitors’ initial impression. By adorning a lobby with soft, lush greenery decoration, your brand will create a pleasant ambiance and leave a lasting imprint to guests. This transformation from a solid blank wall let the guests feel truly welcome and comfortable. Start to create a faux greenery wall now.

Hotel Lobby

Hotels and resorts can elevate ambiance with artificial greenery walls in lobbies, attracting guests seeking a paradise-like atmosphere. The low-maintenance artificial hedge simplifies upkeep, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

artificial hedge wall

Office Lobby

Office lobbies offer an ideal canvas for the installation of artificial plant walls, infusing the workspace with character. The artificial hedge provides a hassle-free means to rejuvenate offices, bypassing the necessity for elaborate renovations. This approach proves especially advantageous for companies that embrace a dynamic and forward-thinking corporate culture.

artificial green wall in office lobby

Benefits of Artificial Greenery Wall

Improve Overall Lobby Area

If you run a hotel or resort, ensuring your guests feel comfortable is crucial. In the past, this was a challenge, but things have improved. Now, you can partner with EdenVert, a reliable artificial plant supplier, to enhance the calming ambiance of your property.

By installing these artificial greenery walls, your guests will instantly feel at home. These walls can instantly transform an ordinary lobby into a beautiful, inviting space that both attracts and relaxes your guests.

faux plant wall in hotel lobby

Low Maintenance

Hotels and resorts have tried different ways to refresh their lobbies. They used to use real plant walls, which added tranquility but required high maintenance. A better option is artificial hedge. They need no maintenance, can be easily installed indoors without extra lighting, and are more cost-effective.

UV Tested & Fire Resistant

Our artificial hedge panels have undergone rigorous UV testing, offering superior protection against the sun’s UV rays. Also They have undergone rigorous fire testing to comply with all applicable fire codes and regulations, exhibiting remarkable fire resistance.

Every artificial hedge panel by EdenVert is not only beautiful but also unique. Our panels make installation a breeze while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. If you’re prepared to give your hotel or resort lobby a stunning makeover to impress your guests, reach out to us today: [email protected].

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